Wish List

The Basics

Cases of Bottled Water

Paper Towels


Toilet Paper

Deep Woods OFF


Lysol Spray – Unscented (For Helmets)

Children’s size stretch gloves with rubber grip for our riders

Snacks for Volunteers

For the Horses

(Found at Karps Garden & Feed in Hobart)

  • Tribute Equine Nutrition – Kalm N EZ
  • Tribute – Essential K
  • Tribute – Seniority (Pellet)
  • Ontario DEHY – Forage (Timothy Hay Cubes)
  • Sweat Resistant Fly Spray
  • Red Rock Natural Salt Blocks

Catalog Items

Back on Track brand

  • Saddle Pad (Black or Brown Dressage or All Purpose)
  • Quick Wraps (14in)
  • Hock Boots (Horse size)
  • Therapeutic Knee Boot (Medium size)